Woud Hibo hippopotamus - Mini

Verfügbarkeit: Leadtime is 2-8 day(s)

Fantastisk flot udført arbejde fra Woud i form af en mini flodhest i massivt egetræ.

Denne mini flodhest måler 50x58x95mm

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Hibo captures the nature of hippos in a simple and lovable sculpture made from solid oak. With the deep black eyes, Hibo has a vivid look. The expression of hippopotamus can change as the head can be tilted to either side giving Hibo a charming and wondering look on its face. On its own or together with its family, Hibo will bring enjoyment to any room it enters. Hibo builds upon an old tradition among Danish architects and designers to make expressive wooden sculptures.

Designed by Steffen Juul
A graduate from the Danish Design School. Since 1996, he has been running his own studio with great attention to create interaction between the design and the user. With a drive to create timeless designs, Steffen Juul focuses on the attractiveness of a design to establish a feeling of love and joy.

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