Here you will find a large wide sortiemeant the bathroom's accessories from well-known brand manufacturers as Smedbo , Copenhagen Bath , INR, Grohe, Hansgrohe , Vola , Bossini , Svedbergs - it's just some of them we sell .

Common to them all is they produce high end quality and some of them offer 10 year warranty on their products.

You will find surfaces in over 20 different colors and 4 different kinds of materials.

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For materials such as brass, copper, composite , stainless steel and glass , all of the highest quality of carefully selected manufacturers .

There is complete bathroom's series from all manufacturers but you of course have the opportunity to mix them , several of the manufacturers are doing something where the products are matched well together.

Here you will find everything in cosmetics mirrors , toilet paper holders , towel hooks , towel bars , soap dispensers , shelves, hair dryer holder and more.

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