We carry different types of bidet to the bathroom, we have the old-fashioned floor standing or wall mounted bidétter where mounting a bidet faucet and a scuttle.

We also have the delicious flush toilets by Geberit, Grohe, Duravit and Villeroy & Boch which is built in water and dries into where everything is controlled via a simple remote control.

Toilet seats with water, we Geberit which fits most toilet models not IFØ and Gustavsberg toilets, you are in doubt we will help you if it fits your seat.

Those who have not tried a bidet toilet often say "no where is it disgusting" but it is only until the first time they tried it then it quickly you realize that you become completely clean after each toilet visit.

Most of the models also have a function called Lady Dusch so they too can become clean even after the little visits to the toilet.

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