We have kitchen sinks in materials such as Stainless Steel, Silgranit , Ceramic porcelain and glass . We sell laundry to the kitchen from the brand manufacturers such as Blanco , Jewel Intra, Franke , Eico , Duravit and Villeroy & Boch .

It is important to get a proper quality of the kitchen as it is a tool to use several times in daily life, therefore we have decided to sell only quality over quantity , because who wants own to have to change a sink may already after 1 year because it has been dented , scratched or chopped ?

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  • Black
  • White
  • Antracit
  • Crystalwhite
  • Magnolia
  • Jasmin
  • Grey
6.820,00 DKK
excl. shipping
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  • Silgranit Antracit
  • Silgranit Klippegrå
  • Silgranit Aluminium
  • Silgranit Hvid
  • Silgranit Jasmin
  • Silgranit Champagne
  • Silgranit Trøffel
  • Silgranit Kaffe
  • Silgranit Perlegrå
3.325,00 DKK
excl. shipping

When you need a new kitchen sink , there are many considerations must sink be round , square or even triangular - it must be in stainless steel, silgranit , glass or ceramic porcelain ? and how it must be installed , it must, in glued , glued level or should it just to be . When you have found out these answers can be quick in finding a solution to the brand, the brands we sell are all of the same high quality but that there may well be a price difference .

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